President Herb rang the bell promptly at 7:00 AM on Tuesday, July 7 to get the new Rotary Year off to a good start!

Visiting Rotarians today were all Shore Birds (Rotarians who are on the Cape for most of the summer and make up at Nauset): Dave Schumacher, Cheshire CT; Wayne Gass, Holyoke, MA; Dick Foot, Rockland MD; Heidi Boas, Bryan TX; and Bernie Stehman, Irvine TX. One guest today: our speaker: Jennifer Smith


We welcomed our newest members Liz Smith and Ed MacDonald who were inducted at the Installation Dinner on June 30.



  • Herb thanked everyone for a wonderful installation dinner and particularly to Neal for making the arrangements.
  • A letter of thanks came from Alzheimer’s Family Support Center.
  • A gentleman is making a donation to our club in memory of his uncle.
  • Lots of July Celebrations: see the list on the left side of this newsletter! 
  • Our H&K server Vicky celebrated her birthday July 6, so we sang a rousing "happy birthday!" to her.
  • The Boards are meeting Friday, July 10 at 7:15 AM at Stop & Shop. President Herb invited anyone interested to attend! 

Trivia Question for the Week: What bird has the slowest wing beat at 1 beat per second? Vulture


Happy Bucks!

  • for Bob Tucker’s family beach portraits; for shooting off fireworks; for family visiting from FL; for memories of being a club president 20 years ago; for the installation dinner; for being back after many months and for the Holyoke Club’s 100 anniversary; a sad buck for not being at the installation but happy for a cruise in Russia; for our new club president, and for the US women’s soccer team; for the anniversary of an ordination; for family birthdays in July; for successful knee surgery; thanks for having me here; for new members Liz and Ed, and to Neal for his work on the installation dinner; for the Paul Harris Teams and honoring people from the community; just because I’m happy; great installation dinner; looking forward to a great year; for friends and how important they are in our lives; for sailing on pleasant bay; for the 4th of July parade and the happiness of children! The winner of the pot was Paul Johnson but he didn't pull the joker!