• We have received a $250 donation to our Good Works foundation, and thank you letters from two scholarship winners.
  • Kyle has two openings on the Paul Harris Teams.
  • Len is looking for people to serve on the membership committee.
  • President Elect Bob turned the floor over to Neal to explain a fund raiser that is being planned.

Neal spoke about the nuts and bolts of this: 500 raffle tickets at $100 per ticket are to be sold. The top prize is $10,000; 2nd is 100, $30 dollar scratch tickets; and 3rd is a large screen TV. This breaks down to 17 tickets per club members to sell. The goal is to produce revenue for Good Works that would be triple what we have made in fund raising before. Drawing would be in the fall. The Homeless Prevention Council is involved and will be selling some tickets too. If we don’t sell enough tickets, it becomes a 50/50 raffle. This is Similar to what Chatham has done.  This would be in coordination with our 75th anniversary. A good point was made about how to "sell" this: we’re asking for a donation – not selling a ticket. Asking for support of what we do in the community. Liz offered to go to Hyannis to pitch this; other members will need to step up and go to other clubs as well.