DG Kristine said that one of the first challenges she had is being short behind the podium! She came from Chicago but went to the Wheeler School in Providence where later she served on the board of directors with Marcia’s daughter…small world.

She opened with the story of an anthropologist who told a group of children to run and get the fruit that he’s placed under the tree. When he said run, they all held hands reaching the fruit together; then sat down and ate it together. She likened this story to Rotary Clubs and how working together reaps rewards.  
DG Kristine said, “The strength of Rotary is its members. Clubs need to recalculate and re-energize in order to stay relevant. This doesn’t mean compromising the basics of Rotary.” She added, “Statistics show only 1% of members are asking people to join Rotary – so I challenge you to invite someone to come with you to the 75th Anniversary Dinner.”
The goal is thoughtful, positive, lasting change. She said, “We made it, we own it: if it no longer serves our purpose, we can change it.” And fresh perspectives come from new members. She emphasized that Rotary members must be open to change. All of us are busy, so we shouldn’t assume that someone will say no because they are busy too. Consider starting a satellite club that allows for a different meeting time and location, such as at the local health club for lunch or after work at a local restaurant. Young people can be a good source for members. 
DG Kristine announced that there will be a District Training Day on Saturday, October 3rd and one of the sessions will be led by Rylarians. She will be sending more information out about the day and encouraged Club leaders to attend.
She also announced a special Polio Plus campaign. Nigeria and all of Africa are now polio free, although there have been some cases recently in Afghanistan. DG Kristine is challenging all District Rotarians to make a $100 donation to Polio Plus during the month of September. She will randomly draw one donor from each Club to win a $100 match from her. Make your donation on line and show Kyle your transaction receipt. Or make your check out to The Rotary Foundation and give it to her to submit on your behalf.