Guest speaker Magda Moran provided information about one of Latham Centers, Inc. program to provide housing for adult clients with Prader Willie's Syndrome and other developmental disorders.   

Magda explained that Latham Centers was founded in the 70’s. Someone with Prader Willie's Syndrome (PWS), a genetic disorder, is challenged by and insatiable appetite. At Latham, they try create an environment that allows clients to focus on something other than food. They have people now who are in their 60’s. Another group supported are people with challenges to behavioral control – for instance bi-polar disorder.

Between the ages of 8 and 22 clients are supported at the school. After that, Latham looks for other ways to support these people so they can to become active in the community. They have group homes with 4 – 5 people living under one roof with staff coming in to help them with their everyday needs. Many are able to have a job or live independently in a small apartment. A third option is the Supportive Community Living program which is shared living – model of care that is similar to foster care. Person is matched with someone willing to open their home. Can be just about anyone – some are traditional families, others are empty nesters. Some of the clients have never been in a stable family environment. Latham is currently looking for 3 households that can do this. What does Latham do for the shared living host? They provide administrative and clinincal support, a generous stipend and 24/7 on-call assistance. visit for more information.